I'm a neurodiversity advocate, an artist, an author, and licensed massage therapist. My senses are intertwined via synaesthesia, a neurocognitive difference, which informs my writing, my visual art, and my costume design. I am a founding member of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists, where I serve as the IASAS secretary. I've practiced therapeutic massage for 25 years, and feel that my neurodivergent brain has helped me thrive in my hands-on career.

It’s a Small Thing

A new set of Emoji for Apple devices was released earlier this year. While I am typically indifferent to these tech updates, the new graphics represent some wonderful breakthroughs. There’s a … Continue reading It’s a Small Thing

Sharp Objects

Broken glass. Toothpicks. Safety razors. Syringes. I am freaked out by these things in equal measure, along with most other sharp objects. On the surface, my reticence around pointy stuff … Continue reading Sharp Objects